Due to the approaching winter storm, the Pre-Cana class at St. Jean Baptiste School Hall on Tuesday, January 27th is CANCELLED.

Family Life / Respect Life Office Statement on Supreme Court Marriage Decision


Pregnant?  Need Help?  You are not alone!  For confidential 24/7 help, call 800-712-HELP, Text “HELPLINE” to 313131 or visit  www.optionline.org For info on local pregnancy centers, click here .


Every human person is created out of love by God, made in His image and likeness, and is destined to live forever. Out of this awareness of the profound reverence due to every person and a great desire to draw each one closer to Christ, we provide programs that prepare and enrich engaged and married couples, educate, support and strengthen families, build and promote a culture of life, and provide healing and comfort to those struggling with loss, grief, or brokenness.

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Men’s Day of Prayer & Healing: October 17, 2015

Are you suffering, or do you know a man who is suffering, because of the loss of a child through abortion? This Day of Prayer and Healing for men addresses issues unique to post abortive men. Lumina/Hope & Healing after Abortion is providing a Day of Prayer and Healing for men on October 17, 2015. For more information, call Lumina at (877) 586-4621 or email lumina@postabortionhelp.org.... read more

Prayerful Remembrance Mass in Spanish/Una Tarde de Oración, Intercesión y Sanación

Muchos de nosotros hemos sido tocados por el aborto.  Nuestra comunidad Hispana tendrá una tarde de oración, intercesión y sanación para sanar las heridas del aborto, el 17 de octubre en la Iglesia San José, 333 Sneden Place West en la ciudad de Spring Valley en el condado de Rockland.  Habrá exposición del Santísimo, el Santo Rosario, el sacramento de la reconciliación, testimonios de personas afectadas por el aborto que serán leídos por voluntarios, y celebraremos la Santa Misa.  Para más información, favor de comunicarse con Sidia Cortés al 845-561-2199. So many of us have been touched by abortion. Our Spanish community will be having a Prayerful Remembrance Mass at St. Joseph, 333 Sneden Place West in Spring Valley, Rockland, on October 17, in the early evening. The program includes exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, praying the Holy Rosary, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, testimonies read by volunteers affected by abortion, and Mass. For more information, contact Sidia Cortés at... read more

Spanish Marriage Enrichment workshops in Manhattan and Bronx/Enriquecimiento Matrimonial

Acompáñenos a nuestros talleres de Enriquecimiento Matrimonial: El 25 de octubre en la Iglesia Encarnación, 1290 St. Nicholas Avenue, Manhattan de 1-7 pm. El 31 de octubre en Holy Cross, 600 Soundview Avenue, Bronx de 9-4pm.   Join us for our Spanish Marriage Enrichment workshops: October 25 at Incarnation, 1290 St. Nicholas Avenue in Manhattan, 1-7 PM October 31 at Holy Cross, 600 Soundview Avenue in the Bronx, 9 AM-4 PM... read more

Spanish pro-life Catechesis Series/Una Serie de Educación y Formación Pro-Vida Durante: Oct. 6, 16, 22, 29

¿Le gustaría participar en nuestra misión católica de defender la santidad y dignidad de la vida humana?  Tendremos una serie de educación y formación pro-vida durante el 6, 16, 22 y 29 de octubre en la Iglesia Asunción en Peekskill.  Estaremos hablando sobre los siguientes temas: la Persona Humana, las Amenazas a la vida (como los anticonceptivos, la eutanasia), y el Plan Pastoral para Actividades Pro-Vida del USCCB (la Conferencia Católica de los Obispos de los Estados Unidos).  La serie será de 7-9 pm.  Para más información, favor de comunicarse con Sidia Cortés al 845-561-2199. Would you like to be more involved with our Catholic mission to uphold the sanctity and dignity of life? Assumption Church in Peekskill will host a Spanish pro-life catechesis series on October 6, 16, 22, and 29, covering topics such as The Human Person, Threats to Life (issues from contraception to euthanasia), and the USCCB’s Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities. The series runs from 7-9 PM. For more information, contact Sidia Cortés at... read more

Parent Guides to Human Sexuality – now in Spanish translation!/Sexualidad Humana: Guía para Padres y Madres

Please join us on Sunday, August 30th for the launch of the Spanish translation of the Family Life/Respect Life Parent Guide to Human Sexuality. Written for parents in three age groups (ages 5-10, ages 9-14, and ages 13-19), these guides help parents navigate the conversation and teaching of sexual integrity with our children. Join Denise D’Oleo at St. Philip Neri at 3025 Grand Concourse in the Bronx after the 9:00 AM Mass. (Guides in English are also available from this office as well.) Acompáñenos el domingo, 30 de agosto cuando presentaremos la versión en español de las guías de la Oficina de Vida Familiar/Respeto a la Vida, Sexualidad Humana: Guía para Padres y Madres.  Estas guías fueron diseñadas para padres y madres de niños en las tres etapas de maduración (5-10 años de edad, 9-14 años y 13-19 años de edad); estas guías les ayudaran a los padres y a las madres a educar y conversar con sus hijos sobre la integridad sexual.  Acompañe a Denise D’Oleo después de la misa de las 9:00 am en la Iglesia San Felipe Neri, 3025 Grand Concourse en el... read more

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Celebrate NFP Awareness Week!

We are in the middle of National NFP Awareness Week (JULY 19 – JULY 25) in which the theme is: All Natural! Natural Family Planning – Good for the body. Great for the soul! Consider taking some time today and the rest of the week to explore, understand and share God’s beautiful plan for married love, a love which is called to be sacred, disciplined, pleasurable and fruitful! Visit http://www.usccb.org/…/natural-fam…/awareness-week/index.cfm.... read more

Three to Stay Married

When 94 year-old Mr. Ford Callis heard a scream from his beloved wife in the next room over, his leap from bed brought him smashing into his bed stand, and later landed him into the ICU for a bleeding stress ulcer, a blood clot in his left leg, and temporary kidney failure. Dr. E. Wesley Ely stated in his February 20th, 2015 Wall Street Journal article: In the hospital our team of white coats swooped in to “save” Mr. Callis. Yet we later learned from what he told us that his real rescue, the one that mattered the most, had occured on a much higher plane, through a sacramental promise made many decades earlier.” Dr. Ely describes the moving story of husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Callis, since they married at age 20 during the height of the Second World War. Despite Mr. Callis’ near-death experience when surrounded by German forces in the French Alps, no event nor injury has formed him as much as his marriage. Mr. Callis explains: Having someone believe in me and waiting for me back home, that is what gives me purpose. I am more than myself because of our marriage.” Dr. Ely admits that the story of Ford and Daisy made the rounds of the hospital, not for its military glamour or medical rescue, but for one simple reason: their marriage offered a glimpse of the “true north”, a witness when we are at our best serving another. Mr. Callis made sure to explain to his medical rescuers upon his release: You know, it takes three people to stay married: Daisy, me,... read more

Men’s Working Retreat (All Ages)

Oct. 17-19, 2014We’re looking for a few good men with chainsaws! Villa Maria Guadalupe Retreat Center159 Sky Meadow Dr. / Stamford, CT 06903 RETREAT INCLUDES:PrayerConferences on DiscipleshipWorking in the Woods Join us for a weekend retreat including conferences on discipleship of Jesus Christ, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and heavy labor in the woods. For more information, click here. To register, click here or call... read more

“Never Forget”: A Response to Suffering

Picture used with permission by the Harriet & Kenneth Kupferberg Holocaust Center. Never Forget – to a nation wounded by the dreadful consequences of evil, these words signify an oath. When the acts of evildoers take away the lives of some and tear at the livelihood of others, “We shall never forget” is the pledge to remain intact the one temporal element no evil can tarnish: our memories. September 11th, 2001 is one day scarred into the memories of our people, especially New Yorkers. We remember the terror that has branded that day, though many people remember more acutely the goodness in those who were among the first-responders, and among the dead. Perhaps the anniversary of September 11th teaches us how suffering caused by all the notorious evil acts of modernity demands our respectful remembrance. Of those we remember are the Comfort Women, the 200,000 Korean girls enslaved during the Second World War and the millions of Jews victimized at Auschwitz and other death camps. The list continues into far less notable, but equally devastating acts of evil known to man. “Never Forget” is our pledge to honor the dead by honoring the history that defined their lives. Less than one week following the 13th anniversary remembering the September 11th attacks, many New Yorkers still possess a raw remembrance of that chilly Tuesday morning that chills our hearts. Since its opening last May, the 9/11 museum has attracted nearly one million visitors. It doesn’t take advertisements on the MTA to convince people to remember 9/11 – they remember because the suffering remains so close. Suffering: A Great Mystery Suffering... read more

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I invite us to see who we are: At the core of our being, each one of us has the identity of being a child of God, made in his image and likeness, redeemed by the precious blood of his Son, Jesus, and destined to enjoy eternity with him in heaven. That’s who we are. Timothy Cardinal Dolan

Archbishop of New York

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