Next Steps: Congratulations on your decision to get married in the Church!

The engagement period is a time to not only prepare for your wedding day, but to prepare also for your marriage. The following steps are your starting point in this journey.

Step 1: Meet with priest/deacon witnessing your marriage.
Aside from making sure that the church you hope to have your ceremony in has that date available, you and your fiancé need to make an appointment with your priest/deacon in order to:

  • determine your freedom to marry,
  • discuss what marriage preparation your priest/deacon wants you to complete (some priests have a preference),
  • ask how many times he wants to meet with you and schedule those meetings,
  • ask what paperwork you need to gather,
  • if you are getting married outside of the Archdiocese of New York, you will have to meet with the priest preparing you for marriage (local) and be in contact with the priest witnessing your ceremony (remote)
  • Download the Marriage Prep checklist

Step 2: Register for your marriage preparation classes (required), and your premarital inventory (recommended).   Please give yourself ample time to complete both – you should register for your class as soon as you determine which one you want as classes fill up quickly:

  • more about marriage preparation classes  here
  • more about premarital inventories  here

Step 3: Follow-up meeting(s) with your priest/deacon.   These will be as your priest/deacon requires.  You should ask during your initial meeting, how often and when these follow up meeting will happen.  Also, this is a good time to bring any questions you might have about anything you heard/learned during your marriage prep class.

For information on readings for your wedding liturgy and additional information:

Step 4: Attend a Natural Family Planning class. (strongly recommended)  Visit our Natural Family Planning page for more information.

Still have questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at (646) 794-3188.

This office works under the guidance and leadership of the Vicar General, Monsignor (Msgr.) Gregory Mustaciuolo.

Getting There

If have signed up for marriage preparation, but now need to get there. Locations to marriage preparation events are organized by county. Begin by selecting the county where your event is located:

Inclement Weather

Marriage preparation events may be postponed or cancelled due to dangerous weather systems bringing snow, hurricanes, tornadoes, or flash-floods.

severe_weather2_HIf you suspect your class will be postponed or cancelled due to inclement weather, please do ANY of the following:

  • Check your email account that you gave when registering for marriage preparation.
  • Visit the news section of the Marriage Preparation page for weather announcements.
  • Call our office at (646) 794-3185 between normal business hours for up-to-date information.

If your class is cancelled due to inclement weather, please do ALL of the following:

  • Visit our Marriage Preparation Registration page to find a new class that fits your schedule.
  • Find and have available the confirmation email of your cancelled class with your registration number.
  • Call our office at (646) 794-3185 between normal business hours to reschedule your class.

Marriage Team

Marga Regina
Marriage Prep. Coordinator

Lisa Dunleavy-Jennings
Assistant Coordinator

Nati Perez
Registration Questions


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