Premarital Inventories

We are excited to offer an option to take an online premarital inventory as part of your Archdiocese of New York marriage preparation. There is no additional cost for the Catholic Couple Checkup (CCC) inventory for couples registering for Pre-Cana classes given by the ADNY Family Life/Respect Life Office.

The Catholic Couple Checkup (CCC) premarital inventory helps couples discover their relationship strengths.  Strengths are what enable couples to enjoy and continue developing a healthy relationship.  It will also help identify issues that are threatening the vitality of their relationship and may need to be addressed.  This inventory is taken online.

Catholic Couple Checkup is an online assessment tool designed to identify the unique relationship strengths and growth areas of dating, engaged, or married couples.  Couples receive a 15-20 page report on their relationship and can download a free Discussion Guide, designed to help them learn proven relationship skills.  Research has shown this process improves relationships by stimulating honest dialogue, increasing understanding, and empowering couples.  It does not require facilitation, but you will have the option to share it with your priest or deacon.  Upon completion of the inventory, you will be prompted to enter their email.

You will be prompted during your class registration to optionally choose the Catholic Couple Checkup (CCC) inventory.

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