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Love is not just a destination: its a Way.

Weekend Events

Path to a Blessed Marriage

A weekend retreat for married couples based on the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius. The Path to a Blessed Marriage retreat offers you a rare opportunity to reflect together on God’s plan for your lives, to renew your marital love and to deepen your spiritual intimacy. This retreat is the collaborative effort of the Regnum Christi movement and the Family Life/Respect Life Office. The retreat includes:

  • Directed meditations based on the themes and dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises
  • Conferences focused on enhancing your dialogue with God and with each other
  • Ample time for couples to reflect and examine together
  • Step-by-step instructions and guidance to Ignatian spirituality
  • Opportunities to receive the Sacraments and quiet time for adoration together

Information on upcoming retreat weekends will be posted on this webpage, or contact Izabella at (646) 794-3190, or email her at


Our office supports the efforts of Retrouvaille (which means “rediscovery”). Retrouvaille is a weekend program with follow-ups, for couples whose marriage is in serious difficulty or trouble. If there is little or no meaningful communication, or if you are considering separation or divorce, we believe Retrouvaille can help.

The program offers the chance to rediscover yourself, your spouse, and a loving relationship in your marriage. It has a proven track record in successfully saving marriages (75%). It is a Catholic-based program open to people of all faiths.

Retrouvaille weekends are held in the New York metropolitan area, in New Jersey, on Long Island, and in Connecticut. For more information, please visit the Retrouvaille website.

  • Retrouvaille weekends on Long Island.
    For more information on these weekends or to register, please call (516) 427-5474 or email Jim & Kathleen Aspenleiter.
  • Retrouvaille weekends in northern New Jersey.
    For more information, please call Marie Ryan, Family Life Office – Diocese of Paterson, NJ, at (973) 777-8818. To register, please contact Linda & David Blaskey at (973) 723-7090.
  • Retrouvaille weekends in Newark, NJ.
    For more information or to register, please call John & Karen Panariello at (732) 276-7695.
  • For additional information about weekends in New Jersey, please contact Fr. Claude Lenehan, OFM – Holy Cross Friary, Bronx, NY, at (718) 378-1170.
Worldwide Marriage Encounter

The Marriage Encounter weekend is a positive, private experience for married couples who want to work at revitalizing their marriage, whether married in a religious or civil ceremony. The weekend is designed to enrich and deepen the joys a couple share together and is beneficial to couples of all ages and years married, from a short time to many years.

For more information, visit or call, (877) NYS-WWME ext. 3 (1-877-697-9963)

Day Events

Celebrate Marriage

icon_celebrate_marriageA day of enrichment for married couples. Attend a day that will re-energize your marriage and deepen your faith. Put the world’s pressures on hold for a few hours and focus on the most important person in your life – your spouse!

Celebrate Marriage is beneficial for couples of all ages and years married. The day consists of quality time to enhance communication and build a stronger marital and family foundation.The day ends with renewal of wedding vows.

To inquire about a Celebrate Marriage Day in your area, to schedule a day in your parish, or to share the joys of your marriage by helping facilitate the program, please contact Izabella at (646) 794-3190, or email her at

“To set out on the path of the married vocation means to learn married love day by day, year by year: love according to soul and body, love that is patient, is kind, love does not insist on its own way… and does not rejoice at wrong; love that rejoices in the right, love that endures all things.” ~St. John Paul II

Couple Prayer

couple_praying_togetherA day of enrichment on prayer and the nature of the marital sacrament. Praying together is profound. It brings a new closeness to spouses and draws them to be “in relationship” with our Lord. As married couples we are called to this growth in relationship but often find ourselves confused as to what steps to take or how to go about praying together. This day of enrichment is designed to inspire married couples to either begin or travel further down the path of prayer and communion with God.

For information on upcoming event dates, contact Izabella at (646) 794-3190, or email her at

Stations of the Cross for Married Couples

Couple_Stations_CrossJust as Jesus carried the weight of the cross to Golgotha, we carry the weight of the cross in our married lives through pain, helplessness, and selfishness. Stations of the Cross for Married Couples reminds us that there is nothing we bear that Jesus hasn’t already carried for us.

For information on bringing Stations of the Cross for Married Couples to your parish, contact Izabella at (646) 794-3190, or email her at

World Marriage Day

World Marriage Day  honors and affirms the vocation of husbands and wives and the positive impact of their dedicated example on our society, families, communities, Church, and nation.


Each year on World Marriage Day, the Archdiocese of New York celebrates by running a search and honoring the “Longest Married” couples in the Archdiocese. All of the couples registered in the Longest Married couple search are awarded a commemorative certificate signed by Cardinal Dolan.  This year, the certificates were presented to them during Sunday Mass, in their parish church, on Feb. 12th (World Marriage Day).  The list of all the couples in the “search”, as well as and article featuring the winning couple was printed in the Feb. 16th edition of the Catholic NY.

Please note that this program is not the same as our annual celebration of those couples within the Archdiocese who have reached their Golden Anniversary – 50 years of marriage. For information on this very special event, see below.

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

Special mass for couples residing in the Archdiocese of New York who are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary in the present calendar year will be held on June 11th, 2017 at 2 pm to publicly recognize their powerful witness to the importance and permanence of marriage.

This event provides a meaningful spiritual experience for the Jubilarians and their families. During the liturgy, the Jubilarian Couples have the opportunity as a group to renew their wedding vows and receive a blessing at the Cathedral of Saint Patrick. Couples should contact their parish for more information and to register. Couples not living within the Archdiocese of New York, (e.g. Brooklyn, Queens, or outside New York) should check with their local parish or diocese for their 50th wedding anniversary celebrations.

Note: The couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries are seated in the two center aisles. Family and friends are invited to join and seated in the adjoining aisles – they are not seated with the 50th wedding anniversary couples. The Mass usually takes an hour and fifteen minutes.

Couples may desire a Papal blessing (a blessing from the Pope) to commemorate this special anniversary. Receiving this may take months following a request. For more information and to complete the application process, please click here.

We congratulate our Jubilee couples on their beautiful testament to life-long love and fidelity! We look forward to celebrating their commitment this summer.

For additional questions, please contact Izabella at (646) 794-3190, or email her at

Marriage Team

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Marriage Enrichment Coordinator


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