When 94 year-old Mr. Ford Callis heard a scream from his beloved wife in the next room over, his leap from bed brought him smashing into his bed stand, and later landed him into the ICU for a bleeding stress ulcer, a blood clot in his left leg, and temporary kidney failure. Dr. E. Wesley Ely stated in his February 20th, 2015 Wall Street Journal article:

In the hospital our team of white coats swooped in to “save” Mr. Callis. Yet we later learned from what he told us that his real rescue, the one that mattered the most, had occured on a much higher plane, through a sacramental promise made many decades earlier.”

Dr. Ely describes the moving story of husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Callis, since they married at age 20 during the height of the Second World War. Despite Mr. Callis’ near-death experience when surrounded by German forces in the French Alps, no event nor injury has formed him as much as his marriage. Mr. Callis explains:

Having someone believe in me and waiting for me back home, that is what gives me purpose. I am more than myself because of our marriage.”

Dr. Ely admits that the story of Ford and Daisy made the rounds of the hospital, not for its military glamour or medical rescue, but for one simple reason: their marriage offered a glimpse of the “true north”, a witness when we are at our best serving another. Mr. Callis made sure to explain to his medical rescuers upon his release:

You know, it takes three people to stay married: Daisy, me, and God. This is not just a civil agreement; we are one.”

Mr. Callis echos the venerable champion of marriage, Fulton J. Sheen, who wrote the great work, Three to Get Married. Mr. Callis, however, brings these words to life. His 74-year marriage shows that God not only calls two for marriage, but sustains the love of two in marriage.

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