The Catholic Grandparents Association is a public association of the faithful whose goal is to assist grandparents in passing on the faith to their grandchildren.  Having raised their own children in the faith and provided them with faith formation and ensured that they received the sacraments, grandparents are now faced with the mission of passing on the faith to their grandchildren, some of whom have not been baptized and are not given opportunities to practice their faith and attend faith formation programs.

Grandparents have no agenda; they simply want the best for their grandchildren. They want them to be good decent human beings, to know the difference between right and wrong, able to make good moral decisions, and if they go astray along the way, to be able to find their way back to a loving, forgiving non-judgmental God.”
SpacerSpacerSpacerSpacerMrs. Catherine Wiley,  Founder of the Catholic Grandparents
New Paltz, New York 12561

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