Family Life Staff at the World Meeting of Families in Ireland!

This August members of the Family Life Office will traverse the Atlantic to participate in the World Meeting of Families 2018 (WMF) to be held in Dublin, Ireland.  This year the WMF will focus on key issues related to family drawn from Pope Francis’ teachings in The Joy of Love (Amoris Laetitia).

WMF 2018 will be a joyful and enriching occasion bringing adults, young people and children together to focus on family. During these five days, there will be time to meet and share, pray and reflect, grow in faith and love, celebrate, as well as gather strength to continue the work that lies ahead.

Our Family Life team will include: Director, Dr. Kathy Wither; Assistant Director, Suzanne Hammill; Coordinator of Separated and Divorced Ministries, Carmen Noschese, as well as Kathy and Carmen’s husbands, Dave Wither and Joe Noschese.

Each day of this event will reflect on the theme, “The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the World.” Our team will hear and see firsthand the dialogue surrounding key issues facing families today and those issues determined as critical by the Holy Father himself.  These critical issues include: the role of technology in the family dynamic, the impact that conflict and faith has on a family and, our world as it struggles with building a more sustainable approach to economy, work and the environment.  Discussion regarding the leadership roles of women globally and locally, as well as the role of education in raising families out of poverty will be pivotal.

We pray that our dedicated team has a joyful and safe trip and that the Holy Spirit continues to guide them and our Archdiocese towards joy and love through the strengthening of Family Life.

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