Post-traumatic suffering is the untold story of abortion. Although the very real and frighteningly devastating phenomenon of post-abortion syndrome has been reported by those who suffer, until very recently nearly all medical and psychological health care professionals, and the academic groups that represent them, have ignored the human suffering associated with the practice of abortion. There are literally millions of women and men who, alone and abandoned, suffer some of the most serious psychological and spiritual consequences of abortion. If you are one of these many, we understand and are here to help.

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Men’s Day of Prayer & Healing: October 17, 2015

Are you suffering, or do you know a man who is suffering, because of the loss of a child through abortion? This Day of Prayer and Healing for men addresses issues unique to post abortive men. Lumina/Hope & Healing after Abortion is providing a Day of Prayer and...

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Affected by Abortion?

Call the Sisters of Life at (866) 575-0075 (Toll Free)

The Project Rachel phone line is for those suffering from abortion. Be assured that all conversations are held in strict confidence – only the Project Rachel Coordinator answers and responds to this number and voicemail. The Project Rachel Coordinator will refer persons seeking spiritual guidance and clinical support to priests and therapists specifically trained in post-abortion trauma.

Presione aquí para ver en Español. Llame a las Hermanas de La Vida (Sisters of Life) al (866) 575-0075 (Gratis)

Days of Prayer and Healing

The Sisters of Life and Lumina provide days of prayer and healing for those affected by abortion. For more information or to register for a Day of Prayer and Healing, please call the Sisters of Life at (866) 575-0075 (Toll Free) or email OR call Theresa Bonopartis at (877) 586-4621 (Toll Free) or email

Post-Abortion Retreats

Many don’t realize that post-traumatic stress is the untold story of abortion. There are literally millions of women and men who, too often silently and alone, suffer some of the most serious psychological and spiritual consequences of contemporary society’s disregard for the sanctity of human life and the sacredness of human sexuality. If you suffer, you are not alone. The Sisters of Life and Lumina provide retreats led by those who have both suffered abortion and experienced the joy of healing. For more information, visit our Post-Abortion Retreats page.

How to Speak to Post-Abortive Men & Women

Women Exploited by Abortion (WEBA) suggests how to create a safe and inviting place for people to talk about abortion. Here are some suggestions about how to speak to someone who has had an abortion:

What to Say

  • Ask how she is
  • Show care and concern
  • Listen
  • Say you are sorry she felt she had to do this
  • Allow her to talk
  • Allow her to express anger regret and remorse
  • Watch her for isolation
  • Allow her to grieve
  • Keep her confidentiality
  • Be there for her

What NOT to Say

  • “Forget about it; it is in the past, move on”
  • “You did what was best at the time” (she knows this is not true)
  • “Abortion is wrong” (she knows this too)
  • “You can have other children” (this does not make up for baby she aborted)
  • “It was not a baby yet”
  • Don’t tell he how she should feel
  • Don’t try to find a positive
  • “It was your decision”
  • “You should be over this by now”
  • Don’t say you understand if you don’t
  • Don’t tell her she was not ready to have a child
  • “It is for the best”
  • “You will get over this”
  • “At least you only had one” (how do you know?)

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no frequently asked questions listed at this time. For questions or more information, contact our office at (646) 794-3185.

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